Senior Activities :

jashn e – Darohar Heritage Mela was organized on 1st December, 2012 - Cultural heritage of any community is unique and irreplaceable, which places the great responsibility of its safeguard and preservation on the current generation. We must protect our heritage with strong, effective and a passionate approach. In our efforts towards the same, G.D.Salwan Public School has taken the initiative of officially adopting the monument bhuli bhatyari ka mahal with the objective of restoring it’s lost glory and beauty .

GD SPS is the first school in Delhi to take such an initiative. As part of this initiative jashn e – Darohar Heritage Mela was organized on 1st December, 2012 with the purpose of spreading the word around about this monument. The heritage mela aims at spreading awareness among the general public regarding the dire need to conserve , protect our culture, the ancestral sites and monuments which explicitly reveal the glory of our nation.

Several forms of entertainment and knowledge were part of the overall programme of the day such as dance, music, puppetry, theatre, chess corner, heritage quiz, talks and open forum discussions as well as interesting heritage games. There was also a painting competition for all the parents on the theme “LANDSCAPES”. It was an enriching and a great learning experience for each one who attended the programme.

The programme began with the ribbon cutting ceremony by the chief guest of the day, Ms. Nishi tripathi President IAS U.T Cadre wives association followed by a brief narration of the monument’s history by a student: Walk Leader for the Day for the guests as they walked towards the seating area. The Walk leader started with the brief history of the monument followed by the trbal damces of India. The Chief guest also took a round of the various stalls put up by students.

The core programme began with a beautifully choreographed ‘ganesh vandana’. The next event in store was the release of the school’s heritage newsletter ‘ DHAROHAR TIMES’ by the guest of honour and a thoughtful speech on the importance of heritage. Dharohar Times is a collage of students’ and teachers’ thoughts and ideas about the monument in the form of poems , articles , drawings and precious photographs.

Next in line was an enchanting performance of classical Indian dances by the students. The performances were truly spectacular. The show truly made the audience revel in the glory and beauty of the rich art forms of dance and music in India. Last but not the least, an enlightening open forum session , on the topic ‘ Are we as true citizens , doing enough for the environment and heritage?’ Renowned cultural activist Ms. Naveena jafa , India’s best known wildlife film-makers and photographers , Mr. rajesh and mr. naresh bedi and Dr. sabbata , senior scientific officer in the environment department of the Delhi government were the leading voices expressing their opinion on the topic.

After listening to the talks, all of us clearly realized as to how insufficient have been our efforts towards our environment and heritage as well as the enormous amount of work and responsibilities that lay ahead of us in the path of taking care of our environment, heritage and our planet, at large.

The forum also brought across the reason why involving local community preserving heritage is important. In all, the jashn-e-dharohar was a grand success, having achieved it’s am of spreading the message of the precious value of heritage and the importance of safeguarding the numerous facets (tangible and non-tangible ) of our culture and environment.