G. D Salwan public school celebrated" National Sports Day " on 29th of August as a tribute to Major Dhyanchand,,a legendary player in the field of hockey. 

The event commenced with praying to the almighty along with a brief description about the types of awards that are awarded every year to the nation's deserving sports persons in various fields and the relevance of these awards in a player's life.

The event was a grand celebration. Children from classes 6th to 8th participated in the event and even showcased their talents in front of the school. To make the day more memorable students even presented Demos for the various renowned sports of the country. An award ceremony was also conducted by the sports department to honour the students with their respective achievements in various sports. 

School principal Ms. Mukul Jha also gave an inspiring speech on the occasion that truly encouraged the students to take up sports along with academics. 

All the students as well as the teachers were applauded for the efforts put in by them.

The event was a great success and a tribute to Major Dhyanchand . The event ended with National Anthem.




Date: 31st  August, 2017

Classes: IX-XI

Aim: To make the students aware of their own history and to arouse a feeling of nationalism a

An Inter- House Quiz Competition was organized for classes IX- XI. It was a group activity. A team of three members from each of the five houses participated with great enthusiasm. 
Learning Outcome: The students understood and enjoyed the quiz along with great learning on Indian National Movement.


Position House Participants
FIRST ACHAL Mahasina, Ruheen Khan, Chahat
SECOND AMBAR Umama, Umang, Pratham




Date: 30th August, 2017
Topic: India’s Cultural Heritage and Geographical Diversity

Classes: VI- VIII


To test the knowledge of the students in the said subject

To enable the students to think from different perspectives

To further improve the knowledge of the students in the related areas

To enable the students to learn from one another and have a healthy competition


An Inter- House Quiz Competition was organized for classes VI- VIII. It was a group activity. A team of three students from each of the five houses participated with great enthusiasm. 
Learning Outcome: The students understood and enjoyed the quiz along with great learning on Indian National Movement.







Kriti Kedia, Neelansh Chauhan, Tejas



Jiya Jindal, Prattush Kala, Yashvi Tushid



Independence Day and Janamshtami Celebrations

 Gyan Devi Salwan Public School celebrated 71st Independence Day with great patriotic fervour along with Janamashtami with great zeal and zest on 22nd August, 2017. The chief guests for the occasion were Maj. Gen. M. S Ghai VSM, Hon’ble Chairman GDSPS and Mr Ramveer Singh, Branch Manager,Yes Bank.

The programme commenced with, ’VandeMataram’ a patriotic rendition sung by the choir group which charged up the atmosphere with patriotic, followed by ‘Surya Vandana‘ wherein the students presented various yoga postures to promotehealthy and active life. The English choir group sang ‘India is my country’ which left the audience spellbound.The song “We Shall Overcome” was presented by the school band as a message of hope and the act of presenting it together had power of its own.

The students of primary classes presented a song celebrating Janamashtami and presented a Dandiya dance.

Another bout of thrilling performances was by the Hindi choir group, whichenergized the audience with patriotic fervour.

This was followed by felicitation of meritorious students in the Awards Ceremony by the esteemed Chief Guests. Hon’ble Chairman, GDSPS, in his speech, inspired the students to remember the supreme sacrifice of the great martyrs for the sake of freedom. He also said that the freedom was very precious and it was very necessary to preserve it, and that the students should put in all their hard work and honest efforts to maintain this freedom and keep it corruption free. The programme concluded with a dance performance on the tunes of ‘Teen rang, Sarfarosh’ and ‘Saare Jahaan se Achchha’, depicting different facets of our glorious freedom struggle.






Children’s Publishing Conclave

Date: 19th August, 2017

Venue – FICCI, New Delhi

Attended by: Ms. Dolly Dhawan, Ms. Aarti Sharma


A conference on “Scrapbook – Children’s Publishing conclave“ was organized by FICCI on 19th August, 2017. The aim of the conference was to explore possible collaboration between various stake holders in the field of education and the vital role publishers can play in addressing the same.

The key speakers in the Inaugural Session were Dr. A. Didar Singh, Secretary General, FICCI, Dr. Urvashi Butalia, Chair-FICCI Publishing Committee and Director, Zubaan, Dr. Hrushikesh senapaty, Director, NCERT, Mr. Baldeo Bhai sharma, Chairma, NBT Indiia and Mr. Ratnesh Jha, Co-Chair, FICCI Publishing Committee and Mg. Director, CUP.. They focused on the need to develop value system in the students. The content and teaching methodology should be based on strengthening 21st century skills.

Session 1 had the speakers as editors, publishers, and content developers to discuss on “content Liberalisation”. The session explored the speakers’ perspective on current policies and its impact on liberalizing content. It was emphasized that while selecting textbooks, the schools should not compromise with the content. The PPP was considered to be the best possible content for children.

Session 2 on “Gender Misrepresentation in Children’s Books” had key speakers as eminent writers, illustrators, editors and educationists. It was discussed how we need to come over the prejudices in regard to gender. Certain textbooks portray women in stereotypical genders roles. It was emphasized that content writers and illustrators must show equality in both the genders.

Session 3 on “Harnessing Multiple Intelligence with content” had eminent Psychologist Dr. Aroona Broota as the key speakers among other speakers. Various ways in which M.I. can be presented were discussed. The content of the textbooks and teaching methodology must enhance learning experience through M.I.

Session 4 focused on “Promoting Book Reading amongst 140 words Twitter Generation”. With more gadgets and social media taking priority, reading habits are taking a backseat. To revive the reading culture, there is a need to reflect on the role of technology, promoting the public libraries and updating them and motivate the younger generation.

Session 5 was on “Technology Play – Books, Screen and education”, which focused on the aspect of technological innovations in content creation and delivery and the need for teachers and parents to enhance and upgrade their knowledge.

The sessions were very enriching and informative and focused on different aspects of enhancing the learning outcome.


Inter House Competition -The Budding Scientist

‘Every magic has a science behind it’.

Science experiments enable young, brimming minds to grasp the practical aspect of science in everyday life. It is believed that students retain for long, when given hands on experience.

Science, not only nurtures the pragmatic learning in a child, also enables them to think out of the box.

Thus, to give “Out of the Box Thinking Challenge” to the children, an Inter House Science Experiment Competition was held for the students of classes IV and V on 1st August’2017.

Our aspiring little scientists enthusiastically presented some of the most interesting and unique experiments. Even audience participation was taken care of. Children as spectators were called on the stage to explain the experiment shown by their respective houses.

The judges for the day, Ms. Shruti Goswami and Primary Headmistress Ms Tarana Sehgal were deeply engrossed in the ideas of the students. They complimented the efforts put in by all the enthusiastic participants. Honourable Principal ma'am bestowed few words of wisdom and inculcated the love for science in the little hearts.

In the closely contested competition, Achal House claimed the First position, second position was shared by Ambar and Amrit House, and third position was bagged by Agni House.