Montessori Activities:

Janmashtami Celebrations - (9.8.2012) - Children came dressed up as Radha and Krishna , paper crowns were made and decorated using cut out of circle shape and glitter. They did colouring in Krishna’s face and matkees. They were made to dance on Krishna’s songs.

Flag Race – (14.8.2012) – Children did flag race using the tri coloured flag of India, which was given to them on 14th August on the occasion of Independence Day.

Green Colour Day – (17.8.2012) – Children came dressed up in green coloured clothes and got one object related to the same colour from their house. Head gears of parrots were made in class.

Show and Tell on Creepy Crawlies/ Flowers – (23.8.2012) – To enhance the vocabulary and speaking skills of the tiny tots, a show and tell activity was conducted for the classes of Nursery. Each and every child tried to speak few lines on creepy crawlies. Children got pictures, charts, models, real flowers and plants and spoke lines on it. This activity was a platform for the children to gain confidence on the mike.

Community Lunch – (25.8.2012) – To infuse the spirit of oneness Community Lunch was organized. To encourage an informal community like atmosphere with the participation of the staff of the young children and parents Community lunch was organized. A series of games and activities with a scrumptious lunch bought in by the parents was shared by one and all.

English Recitation Competition – (30.8.2012) – Children narrated rhymes using props.

Primary Activities:

Inter-House Group Discussion: Inter-house Group Discussion on the topic ‘Loss of Environment Heritage leading to Migration/ Displacement in India’ for class IV-V was conducted on 31st August’12.Two participants from each house prepared the topic well and exchanged their ideas. The activity was judged on various parameters like confidence, content, fluency of ideas and presentation. Achal House secured first position followed by Anal House. Ambar House bagged the third position.

Inter-Class Rakhi Making Competition: To develop the artistic qualities among the students G.D.Salwan Public School organized Inter- class Rakhi Making Competition .They used simple household decoration material for preparing Rakhis and showed their creativity. All the participants made beautiful and attractive Rakhis. Best three entries from each class were selected by the class teachers and judged by the art teachers. All the participants made Rakhis with great enthusiasm. They truly imbibed the spirit of the rakhi as a scared thread and a symbol of emotional bonding between a sister and her brother.

The results were as follows:

Class I:






Show And Tell: SHOW AND TELL ACTIVITY was organised for KG on the topic ‘SEASONS’. Each child spoke a few lines on any one season of their choice while holding a drawing depicting the season they were speaking on. This activity helps in developing confidence, improve spoken English and gain knowledge on diverse topics.

Rakhi Making: This activity showcased the creativity of children in full swing. Each child made his/ her individual rakhi with colourful paper. Importance of the festival RAKHSHABANDHAN was also told to the students.

Ball –Throw Competition: Ball-throw competition for the KG classes was organized. Winners of the competition are as follows:

KG – A

Ist : Shrishti Singh      Ist: Saurabh Panwaar
2nd : Kavneet Kaur    2nd: Lovish Rao
3rd: Manya    3rd : Harshabad Bassi 

KG – B

Ist:Mehek   Ist : Kunal   
2nd: Aakriti    2nd : Shivang 
3rd : Ananya   3rd: Arnav Gupta     

English recitation competition: An English recitation competition: was organised for the KG classes on 31.08.12. The students performed really well and showcased their good English speaking skills in this competition.

Winners of the competition were:





Community lunch programme: To infuse the spirit of unity in diversity, nurture the feeling of patriotism and to work hand in hand as partners in the educational development of the children, this year again, a Community Lunch was organised on 25th August 2012 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Over 100 parents joined us, teachers in having a fun-filled day through games such as table-tennis, musical chairs, drawing competition and not to forget the joy of sharing the feast that had been prepared and brought by the parents themselves.

The program also provides a unique opportunity for parents to engage with one another in informal conversation. We witnessed an overwhelming enthusiasm and participation from the parents in each of the games and competition. They were awarded attractive prizes for the same. In all, parents and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and it was indeed a memorable day for everyone present.

Janmastami Celebration at Bahai Auditorium: 20 students of G.D.S.P.S. along with two teachers went to attend the Janmastami Function at Bahai Auditorium (Lotus Temple).

Introduction and welcome was conducted by the show director, who emphasized on- ‘How to save river Yamuna from different kinds of Pollution’.

Cultural Program began with Jal Tarang which showcased different kinds Classical Tunes. It was followed by a performance of Rajasthani group folk songs which were vibrant and full of energy. Flutes were played at different scales by two artists, which was a great pleasure to listen.

In the end there was a Group Song by Vrindavan School in which Radha & Krishna were depicted. It was fully enjoyed by the audience.

Visit To Bhuli Bhatiyari : “It is not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind.” - was the lesson taught to the young learners of GD Salwan Public School in the month of July 2012. 

KG class students visited ‘Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal ‘ which has been adopted by the school as a part of the Heritage Education Programme.

It was an attempt to show the monument adopted by the school to the children and tell them in their “Hundred Languages “ what is the importance of these monuments . Children saw the monument and understood the importance of historical buildings. They also learnt how important it is for them to conserve our heritage.

The children enjoyed the visit and drew beautiful pictures of the monument.

Janmashtmi Celebrations : The Early Childhood Department of GD Salwan Public School , Rajinder Nagar celebrated Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, in a grand style on10th August 2012. Art and craft activities related to the festival were organised in the school. Children made paper flutes , head crowns and other festoons .They also decorated clay pots with various accessories .

The stage was beautifully decorated with plants, images of Lord Krishna and peacock feathers. The programme commenced with a plethora of devotional songs based on the life of Krishna . It was an extravagant and colourful celebration. Raslila was performed to recreate incidents from the life of Krishna and to commemorate his love for Radha.

Children came dressed as Radha, Krishna ,Cowherds ,Gopies and other characters. They celebrated Janamashtami with great fervor and danced to the tunes of devotional songs related to Lord Krishna. The children left everyone spell bound with their captivating performance. 

Workshop on E-WASTE by Nokia: G.D.Salwan organizsed a workshop on e-waste. It was conducted on 17th August by an NGO, i-dream which is working with Nokia group . The resource person Mr. Rahul gave a power-point presentation which focused on the importance of waste management and emphasized on the initiative taken by the school and Nokia to recycle the redundant electronic waste in the most efficient manner. To promote recycling of electronic waste, Nokia India has launched a campaign where students can drop their old handset in the school and win gifts.

Students were made aware of the recycling facts . According to a survey conducted by the company in 13 countries, only three per cent said that they had recycled their old phone. In addition, 50 per cent of those surveyed didn't know that cell phones could be recycled, with awareness being the lowest in India at 17 percent. In this ‘Take Back’ campaign students were encouraged to follow the Golden rule for sustainable future i.e.follow 3R’s-Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

He also discussed the case study of Seelampur, East Delhi which is identified as India’s largest illegal electronics dismantling, recycling and selling market. Above all, he emphasized on “Responsible Recycling” in order to maintain the Green of our Earth. The workshop deeply influenced the students in understanding how mobile phones or any other form of e-waste can play havoc in the environmental system and a simple initiative taken by common man can surely help in managing the e-waste as well as safe disposal of it. 

Offering Gratitude To Our Veterans: This Independence Day, we decided to do more than sing the praises of the bravery and patriotism that our freedom fighters and veterans have embodied in the past. We took this opportunity to re-evaluate how we are treating our veterans in the present and invited a veteran of 1965 and 71 war and a daughter of a Gandhian follower who is busy in spreading the message of charkha in her Gandhi Ashram. Caring for our veterans is the duty of a grateful nation. The school tried to live up to this duty.

The special Programme commenced with a patriotic song followed by patriotic dance, Flag hoisting ceremony, poetry, private reflection, Questionnaire session with students and sharing memories from the Veteran COL SEGONE . The school took this initiative to remember these people, along with the Veterans.

Gospel Of Charkha : Weaving The Threads Of Independence

Dr Sita Bimbra who was one of the special guests for the occasion gave the Message Of The Charkha. She explained the history and the Gandhian concept of the charkha, a symbol of self-entrepreneurship, which alone can help the nation protect its bio-diversity and provide sustenance to the poorest of the poor.

Today, when everything is creating disillusionment, people are being drawn to violence. Only Gandhian thoughts can equip the present and the future generations to deal with it without committing violence on themselves. 

In the end Dr Bimbra gave Charkha Tips on How to Spin Cotton on Mahatma Gandhi’s Spinning Wheel. The school plans to introduce spinning classes in the SUPW period.

In the end as rightly said by Dr Abdul Kalam “We will be remembered only if we give to our younger generation a prosperous and safe India, resulting out of economic prosperity coupled with civilizational heritage”.

Workshop on Eliminating Corporal Punishment: A workshop on Eliminating Corporal Punishment was attended by Ms. Bhavna Mahendru on 8th August’12 at Alliance Franchise. The workshop was organised by Centre for Career Development. 

The eminent speakers Mr. M.S. Gill, presently serving with National Human Rights Commission, Mr. Jitin Chawla, eminent educationist and career counselor, D.R. Saini, Principal, Col. Rajiv Ahluwalia, well known career counselor spoke on the perception and long term consequences of Corporal Punishment.  

They said that it is unfortunate that punishing children is regarded as normal and acceptable in all settings- whether in the family or in institutions. They further continued that it is often considered necessary in order that children grow-up to be competent and responsible individuals. There are layers of beliefs and practices that cloak corporal punishment under the guise of love, care and protection, when any abuse of authority harms the child. It is globally recognized that punishment in any form comes in the way of the development of the full potential of children. 

The session briefed about the latest guidelines brought out by National Commission for Protection of Child Rights towards eliminating Corporal Punishment in schools. The presentations by the eminent speakers gave a view into understanding corporal punishment, legal framework, guidelines issued by NCPCR and most importantly the importance of counseling system in schools.  

The workshop ended with a mind-boggling interactive session wherein the counselors, teachers, principals had a one-on-one question answer round.

Senior Activities :

Zonal Table Tennis Tournament: On 23.8.12 Ishaan Kapoor, Atul Khandelwal and Meet Hirani of twelfth class of G.D. Salwan Public School participated in ‘Zonal Table Tennis Tournament’ organized by Manavsthali School R-Block in which 25 schools from Delhi and NCR participated. Our team stood third.

Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute Environment Competition: Students of G.D.Salwan Public School participated in a number of Environment competitions organized by eco-club “Ecomania” of Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute, Subroto Park, New Delhi on 22nd August’12. The focal theme was ‘Biodiversity Conservation’.

The various events organized were

-Enviro-mind( Environment Quiz)
· -Envocraft( Landscaping)
· -Ecogan( Slogan Writing)
· -Just A Minute

Participants comprised of students from classes 6-12. Students prepared well, to the best of their capabilities for the events. They gave a good competition to the other 23 participant schools. They secured 2nd position in Ecogan Competition and were appreciated by the principal Ms. Vijay Laxmi Singh for the same. She said that such competitions give a platform to all the students and schools to not only show their talents but also show their concern for the environment.

Inter House Dance Competition: The students from classes VI-VIII participated house wise in the Inter House dance Competition show casing the heritage of Dances. The students had chosen particularly Tribal dances from North –Eastern states, of India- Maharashtra and Bengal. The folk music, thumping of feet and the rhythmic beat of the drums created magical moments. The audience also participated by clapping at the beat of the dances.

The bamboo dance, the Naga dances especially were chosen to be viewed again. The colourful dresses and the rhythmic and well choreographed moves took us back to the times when folk music and dance were cherished and all young men and women participated in it enthusiastically. The objective was to get our children rooted to the rich folk cultural Heritage of our country.

Biodiversity on Edge – 2012’: A workshop was organised by the Department of Environment, Government of Delhi in association with the Indian Environment Society on 8th August 2012 at Delhi Secretariat. It was attended by a teacher and four students of G D Salwan Public School. The topic for the youth forum was “Biodiversity on Edge-2012”.

The resource persons were Dr. Wadhwa, Dr. Chetna, Dr. Alka Sharma and Dr. Desh Bandhu. It stressed on Biodiversity which means number, variety and variability of all youth life forms on Earth. It is divided into three different levels – Genetic Diversity eg. Humans, Species Diversity eg. animals & plants and Community Diversity eg. Alpha Diversity. The purpose of the workshop was to make the children aware about the conservation and sustainability of life forms. Many schools participated in the forum and received valuable information. There were many informative and interactive sessions conducted by the esteemed members of the forum.

Workshop By Proctor & Gamble: GD Salwan Public School, Rajinder Nagar conducted the workshop on the topic Mother & daughter health & hygiene program for classes VI, VII & VIII on 3 August 2012. It was organized by Proctor and Gamble group especially for girls and their mothers were also invited to attend the same.

Mrs. Seema Goyal (Co-ordinator) started with warm welcome to P&G group & mothers. Then it was forwarded to Proctor and Gamble. This workshop included the changes in teenager groups i.e. physical changes & mental changes & how to react to these changes. They also included bonding games between mother & daughter & so as to let them know how much they know each other. The session also included the myths followed by our ancestors & how can we get rid of them. A movie was screened which helped the students to know why is it necessary to keep our body clean, what are healthy food habits and how can they become mature as they enter the teenage.

It was an interactive session which helped the girls in overcoming their doubts and enhanced their knowledge on how to remain well groomed during the teenage.

Vanmahotsav: G.D.Salwan Public School, Rajinder Nagar had organized (Vanmahotsav) A Tree Plantation Drive on 11th August 2012 at Rajputana Rifles, Ridge Road along with teachers, students and parents. It was organized to facilitate environmental awareness among the students as well as the parents. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm and fervor in planting trees. 

Awareness and vigilance about environment is of utmost importance today due to excessive damage that has been brought upon it in the last few decades. Both immense deforestation and industrial demand have affected atmosphere to a great extent and the crises it has cost is very much apparent.

Awareness was created not only among students but also among parents, so that they can lead their children towards betterment of society and make them environmentally aware. It has become indispensable to not only take immediate action but also to guide and teach future generation about environment care and augmentation. There were numerous other fun filled activities like horse riding, boating, rope cadder, swing oven, wall climbing too in which the children participated with zeal and enjoyed themselves. This interaction was not only a blend of fun and knowledge but also helped in broadening everyone’s horizon.