Report on ‘State Level Project Competition For Inspire Award’


A Delhi state Level Science Exhibition and Project Competition (SLEPC) under INSPIRE Award was organized at Tyagraj stadium, on 6th and &7th August 2013. The school feels proud of Divya Dayal, student of class X A , who received an INSPIRE Award of Rs. 5000/ for her academic performance in preparing the model. She made a presentation on how we can harness non-convectional energies, as non- renewable sources are depleting at a very fast pace.  Prof. Kiran Walia , honorable Minister of Education, Delhi State,  graced the occasion as Chief Guest. She encouraged children by telling them to be good in whatever they do. It was a great learning experience for Divya Dayal who could learn about various exhibits  and was able to understand various life situations which require scientific outcomes to make a better world.





Inter-School Peace Assembly at GDSPS

G.D. Salwan Public School hosted an Inter-School Peace Assembly for the students which was organised by Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP) on 08th August, 2013 in commemoration of Hiroshima Day. It was a day of intellectual exchange and moral re-thinking on the issue of nuclear disarmament on the day Hiroshima was bombed years ago, though its ill-effects are suffered by the present generation even now. Eight schools from across the city participated in this event – Springdales School, Air Force Sr. Secondary School, K.R. Mangalam, Apeejay School, Summerfields School and Delhi Public Sschool-Mathura Road. Renowned personalities who enlightened the audience with their knowledge and opinions on the issue of nuclear disarmament included Ms. Anuradha Sen, former head (senior school), Sprindales School, former principal, Srijan school.
Also present at this event were Prof. Achin Vinaik, founding active member of CNDP and professor of International Relations at Delhi University, Dr. Tomoko Kikuchi, author of ‘ Neerav Sandhya ka Desh, Sakura ka Desh’ , Hindi translation of ‘As Japanese Manga’ (comic book ) on the  Hiroshima bombing. The Chief Guest of the day was Ms. Kamla Bhasin , a social scientist who has been actively engaged with issues related to development, education, gender, media and several others for over 35 years. Prof. Achin Vinayak emphasized on re-thinking our stand on our country’s nuclear armament and strongly opined that being pro-nuclear armament is not at all morally sound. In the same vein, Dr. Tomoko Kikuchi, a Japanese national, also briefly talked about the harmful effects of nuclear armament.
Presentations by all the schools in the form of self- composed poems, songs, skits and painting was enlightening. The creativity of the students was highly appreciated by the esteemed guests. The programme concluded with a wonderful talk on re-thinking gender stereotypes implicit in our everyday language, visual and print media. The day ended with the fact imprinted in everybody’s minds that world peace is not a far-away reality but a need of the hour and that nuclear armament is a futile and catastrophe for the entire human kind in the offing.





Inter class English Patriotic Song Competition

An Inter class English Patriotic Song Competition was organized on 13th August, 2013 for classes VI to XI. The event had the whole class participation. The students presented the song with full zeal and feeling of patriotism, with musical instruments, too, played by the students. The result of the competition is as follows:

Position           CLass
I                       XA
II                     VI B
III                    XB





G.D. Salwan Public School organised a special assembly to celebrate the special occasion of India’s 67th Independence Day. Hon’ble Chairman Retd. Major Gen. J.K. Kapoor and Mr. N.P.Dhaka, Respected Director were the Distinguished Guests of the occasion. The Principal Ms. Vijaylaxmi Singh welcomed the guests and thanked them for their gracious presence.
The programme commenced with a prayer by Mr. David, followed by the song ‘I have a dream’ by the school choir. The guests, alongwith the school Principal unfurled the national flag. The entire school stood still with pride as the national anthem played and the unfurled flag waved in the air, representing the 67th year of the country’s unbound freedom.
The students presented a captivating cultural programme which began with the Hindi  folk song ‘Mirzapur ki Kajri’ presented by the students of class V A. The song reminded us once again of our traditional roots. It was followed by a nukkad natak on the theme ‘Peace’ by students of class X. The winners of the inter-class English Patriotic Song Competition showcased their winning performance. The finale of the programme was the enthralling dance performance by the students.
The assembly concluded with a befitting talk by the Hon’ble Chairman on the crucial role that the youth of today has in taking the country forward for further greater development in all aspects. The wonderful presentation of the celebration mesmerized the audience.






The school organised a workshop on preventing internet abuse by children and child abuse online on 13th August, 2013 which was conducted by Ms. Priyanka Kaul (Sr. Counsellor with Centre for Career Development) for senior school students. The resource person apprised the students with the understanding of Internet abuse by children, use of inappropriate language online, inappropriate content available online and hacking of email accounts.
Tips to prevent teen sexting were discussed by the speaker. Important issues like cyber-bullying, internet fraud and internet addiction disorder were also discussed.
The objective of the workshop was to make the students understand the need for children to be more informed, the importance of being computer literate along with the safety of children by preventing child abuse online. The message that went across was that children don’t have to be deprived, but they need to be cared for and supervised.





Inter-House Quiz Competition

As part of the monthly activities, the school organized an Inter-House Quiz on the theme ‘Our Freedom Movement’ on 30th August, 2013. The teams of two students each from the four houses - Achal , Ambar , Anal and Avni, from classes X and XI  participated and showcased their knowledge on the historical subject. The quiz master was the Head girl of the school, Shruti Aggarwal and the score keeper was  Rani Jain
There were three rounds in the quiz  -

Each right answer carried five marks and the pass question carried two marks.
The audience was equally engrossed in the thinking process that was taking place.The students exhibited their aptitude for quiz and their deep knowledge about the pain and struggle that our freedom fighters took to get us the much cherished freedom.
The result  of the quiz:
I Position   - Ambar house.
II Position - Achal house
III Position - Avni house
The names of the participants :
Achal House   - Jatin Arora  , Sunny
Anal House    - Harsh  Singh, Divyank
Ambar House – Kamran, Ayush Juneja
Avni House - Divya , Rahul Sapra
The impact of the quiz was deep pride in our nation and the patriotism that could be seen on each child’s face.






Report On Regional Level CBSE Science Exhibition (2013-14)

G.D. Salwan Public School participated in the Regional Level CBSE Science Exhibition (2013-14) held at The Indian School from 29th-31st August, 2013. Two teams from the school participated in the categories of ‘Natural Resources’ and ‘Industry’ respectively. Students prepared a working model on The Future City, using improvised and eco-friendly materials. They confidently gave their presentation to the respected judges by putting across their ideas (using forthcoming technologies) of the Future City in the model and its project report.
The idea and working of the model was appreciated and encouraged by the judges a lot. It was a good learning experience for the students who learnt about the various upcoming models of green cities/houses offered in the future townships and how it can be implemented successfully in the present set up.








1ST: Yash Rajput II A
2ND:Aryan Dimri II B
3RD: Jayant II A

1ST: Dhanvi III B
2ND: Ishvi III A
3RD: Neelansh III B



1ST: Shivika I A
2ND:Naman Gulati I B
3RD: Urvashi Gola I B

1ST: Anisha Gupta II A
2ND: Shreyans Jain II B
3RD: Jessica Saim II A

1ST: Rachit Kedia III B
2ND: Deep Narain III A
3RD: Kulsehaj III B

1ST: Jiya IV A
2ND: Akash Samanta IV A
3RD: Suhail IV B

1ST: Priyanshi V A
2ND: Navya V B
3RD: Utkarsh V B




IST: Anal House
2nd: Achal House
3rd: Avni House