APRIL 2014


To mark the Earth Day celebrations, senior inter-house skit competition was also held on the 30th April. The basic aim of the competition was to spread awareness about Green Earth. All the four houses presented a beautiful skit with a message to save the planet earth.

The children enacted and spread the message to save Earth. This was displayed beautifully by the students who through their strong and thought provoking dialogues ignited the spirit in the young gathering to conserve the environment.

1. Achal House
2. Ambar House
3. Anal House





Inter class Poster and slogan making competition (classes 6-8)

The school celebrated inter class Poster and slogan making competition for classes 6-8 on 30th April, 2014. The students exhibited their creativity by making beautiful posters with catchy slogans on the theme Earth Day
1. Maloy Mandal              6B
2. Ayesha Siddique         7B
3. Diksha                         8B






Street Play

Students of class IV and V participated in the Inter Class Street Play Competition which was held on 30th April, 2014 with the aim to spread the message of environment conservation. The young artists wore colourful costumes and used songs and music to attract the attention of the students to various issues related to environmental concerns.They used various interesting mediums like cartoon characters, ancient theories and rap songs to spread awareness about water conservation, save wild life, plants, trees etc. The event was organised as a part of the ISA exchange programme. Classes IV-A and V-A were declared winners for their innovation ideas and strong appeal.








Date: 30th April, 2014
Time: 1:30 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.
The English Department conducted the subject enrichment workshop for the Staff members on 30th April, 2014. The presentations were made on the four Language Skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The first presentation was on the ‘Listening Skills’ by Ms. Pratima Chawla. She began her presentation by quoting ‘Good Listeners are Good Speakers’. She discussed the three basic steps, while informing about CBSE ASL – hearing, how we understand and judging. An interesting activity on Listening Skills comprised of a very peppy song was done with the participants. This was followed by a presentation on ‘Speaking Skills’ by Ms. Subita Mittal. She talked about importance of language to make the students proficient and confident speakers of English. She also discussed the sub-skills of English language. An interactive activity ‘Weave a Story’ had teachers participating enthusiastically. Next presentation on ‘Reading Skills’ was given by Ms. Reji Ronnie. The skills required to become better readers were discussed in detail. A pair activity was conducted to promote reading. The final presentation on ‘Writing Skills’ by Ms. Divya summed up the entire presentation on the four skills. Writing needs an integrated approach. It was suggested to follow the Modelled, Guided and Individual approach to develop better writing skills in students. An activity on the Writing Skills involved all the staff members who participated actively and presented their views on the theme given to them in groups. It was a great learning experiences for the staff members.







Students at G.D. Salwan Public School celebrated Earth Day with a number of activities to spread awareness and sensitize the masses. A special assembly was organized on 30th April 2014 in the school ground to support and celebrate Earth Day. The assembly was marked by a thought on the significance of ‘Earth Day’.

The programme commenced with an inspiring talk by a class XI student, which emphasized on preserving the precious natural resources, using them sustainably and hence preserving our planet Earth.

To mark the Earth Day celebrations, an Inter-House Skit Competition (Senior School) was held. The skits aimed to spread awareness about Green Earth. All the four houses presented beautiful skits with a message to save the planet earth. Achal House bagged the first prize. The students enacted beautifully and through their strong and thought provoking dialogues ignited the spirit in the young Salwanians to conserve the environment.

The Senior School also participated in the Inter-House Debate Competition on the theme ‘Is the air quality in Delhi affecting the health of the citizens?’ The students presented their findings and facts in a very impressive and confident manner whether arguing for the motion and against it. Ambar House won the First Position in both, for and against the motion. The second position was taken by Anal House (for the motion) and Achal House (against the motion). The judges appreciated the students’ research and the presentation of facts.

The Junior School enthusiastically participated in the Earth Day Celebrations. An Inter-Class Street Play Competition was organized on the theme ‘Conservation of Earth’s Resources’. The students of classes IV-V presented beautiful skits on the theme. They demonstrated great courage and skill in their diverse performances with an appeal to save the environment. The classes came up with extraordinary and innovative ideas to present the skits.

The activities aimed to instill in the students the value of the resources and their conservation. School Principal Ms. Vijay Laxmi Singh appreciated the efforts of the students and congratulated the winners. She reiterated that the Earth Day event had galvanized more students and parents than any other event and has made them more concerned about global healing and environmental issues.







Visit to Jigyaasa- A Salaam Baalak Trust initiative

Date-29th April, 2014
 Students of G.D. Salwan Public School got a unique opportunity to understand the lives of the underprivileged slum children of Delhi in the industrial area of Inderlok. “Jigyasa” an NGO, aims to bridge the gap between the differences existing in the education system across Indian schools, basically for poor children. This foundation is funded by the government as well as by Salaam Balak Trust, a trust which wants to create a sense of belonging and secure spaces to help children dream and make to efforts to achieve their dreams. With nine centers running across Delhi, Jigyaasa provides children with interactive studies through TV and computers and follows Gandhiji’s method of “NaiTalim” i.e. making a student independent to earn his living. Children coming to the centre are kids of shoe makers who migrate to Delhi in search of work. Because of very low incomes the children are also forced into child labour and supplement the family income. Volunteers from the centre attract children to the study centre through medium of street plays, banners and petitions and regular touch with parents.
Our students met and interacted with the children at the centre and learnt about their daily activities. It was an enriching experience for the students and an efforts to sensitize them on the issue of poverty and child labour.







 Easter Celebrations

Under the ISA project , a  medley of activities were organised in the school  to celebrate the festival of Easter . The students of class II and III  visited the Gospel Central Church at Janakpuri along with their teachers and parents to  attend the special Sunday mass.
The students shared their views about the festival of Easter with the gathering , telling them about the importance of  the festival of Easter and  how the festival celebrates power of love , life and joy.
They also presented a medley of different hyms , songs and prayers along with their music teacher Mr David.
Few members of the church also spoke about their experiences of life and how they became followers of Christianity. Sister Vinita read some paras from the holy bible  which tells  us   about how Jesus came back to life, or was raised from the dead, three days after his death .Children also enjoyed the Easter feast  along with the other kids who had come to attend the prayer.
Activities like easter egg decoration , egg hunt game  and spoon race were also organized in the school. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activities and participated with full zeal and enthusiasm.
This project involved the students of the school to stage their creative best and gave an insight  about  the customs of a different  religion and culture.





Activities for Tiny Tots

Education at our school is a multifaceted process, which aims at holistic development of all the learners. Our carefully selected activities at school aim to sensitize students and promote our unique legacy of ancient culture and rich traditions amongst them.

Orientation Day for Parents
An Orientation Program was organized for the Parents of Class KG on Friday, 04 April 2014. It was an endeavour to provide parents with an opportunity to be familiar with the learning programme being offered to the students. The programme equipped every parent with a deeper understanding of the curriculum and a true feeling of being partners in the learning process of their children. Parents were extremely happy to attend the programme and reiterated that they look forward to such informative sessions in the future too.

Role Play Competition
A Role Play Competition on Earth Day was held on Friday, 25 April 2014.  The students participated in the competition with full enthusiasm. Different topics like Air, Water and waste were taken up. Students were dressed up according to their topics. Five students from each section were selected for the final round.

First Prize        : Bhuvi Sethi                KG B
Second Prize   : Ananya Sahu             KG A
Third Prize       : Dharvi Sabarwal       KG A


Show and Tell Activity 
Show and Tell is a key part of the school day and an important part of students’ learning development, as it helps them to organize information and build their confidence. The activity also provides opportunities for both fun and learning. Show and Tell activity for the month was held on Monday, 28 April 2014. Parents were encouraged to help prepare their children for it. The students prepared a few lines on the given topic, “Me and My Family”. The students from KG A and KG B were excited to speak about their family members. They carried their family photographs and tried to show everyone the pictures of their parents and grandparents.

Family Tree Activity
A family is a source of love and security for a young child. Children enjoy talking about their families, sharing stories and learning to be part of a family. After a discussion on the importance of families to each of us, students were encouraged to identify one reason why their family is important to them. Students made their own family tree by pasting photos of their family members on the worksheet given.

PEC Activity
The Physical Education Cards, introduced by CBSE, are an effective tool for strengthening the transaction of Physical Education in schools. They are used to provide interesting experiences to the children and facilitate the process of engaging with them intensively in games and activities that are focused particularly on agility, balance, coordination, speed and strength. These games are also integrated in teaching new concepts of other subjects in more interesting and innovative ways.

Fun Activity: Walking on toes and heels on a triangular and square pathway
The activity was used to make students aware of different parts of the foot involved in walking (Toes, heels) and different shapes (Triangle, square). They also learnt to follow simple instructions given by the teacher: e.g., Walk straight, change direction, walk slowly/ quickly, etc.








WORKSHOP:                     Disney Friends for Change-Conserving Green Spaces
ATTENDED BY:                 1) Ms. Tripti Bhagat
                                          2) Ms. Rashmi Khurana
VENUE:                               India International Centre, New Delhi
DATE:                                 15th April, 2014
“ Disney Friends For Change: Conserving Green Spaces” project is a unique environment conservation initiative that offers schools to engage the students, teachers, parents and community members to develop an underdeveloped green space (parks) in the vicinity of their schools.
The goals identified for the project were:

Mr. Ashwani Sinha, a CMS personnel (a Delhi-based non-government think-tank) gave an overview of the project and detailed insight into of the project.
Mr. Vijay Dashmana, technical expert, discussed about Greening Models for cities with special reference to Delhi. He shared how and in what manner Delhi is keeping its green cover with vertical gardening, homesteads and kitchen gardens. He also emphasized on the roles of Delhi Parks and Garden Societies in maintaining green areas of Delhi.
It was followed by a presentation on ‘Ecological Gardening’ explaining diversity of flora in Delhi. Mr. Akshay Kaul, a technical expert, gave a presentation on ‘Sustainable Landscape Designs’ which can be looked after even at a low cost.
Mr. Ashish Shah spoke about how we can take Environment Education from classroom to fields and how to involve children in owning their environment.
The presentations were followed by question-answer session between the teachers and the resource-persons who patiently answered their queries.
The workshop inspired the participants on how they can conserve and look after the green spaces not only individually but locally too.







Cleanliness Drive

DATE: 6th April, 2014
VENUE: Buddha Jayanti Park, Ridge Road
THEME: Cleanliness Drive
ORGANISED BY: Salwan Education Trust
ATTENDED BY: Ms. Alka Bhata, Ms. Pratima Chawla and 24 students of classes IX & X
‘Service Before self’; as per its motto Salwan Schools are always ready to serve the society and so do they train their students.

The biggest challenge in front of the entire humanity today is ‘How to protect our environment’.

In this regard a ‘Cleanliness Drive’ was organized at Buddha Jayanti Park under the aegis of Salwan Education Trust on Sunday, 6th April, 2014 at 8 a.m.

This was done in order to spread awareness and to generate a sense of responsibility towards Mother Earth.

Students of GDSPS participated in it with a great zeal. They collected the trash form the garden and kept working energetically until told to wind up.

The morning walkers were very happy to see the school children working for the noble cause of ‘Healing the Mother Earth’







Earthquake evacuation Drill

DATE: 4th April, 2014
THEME: Earthquake Evacuation Drill
ORGANISED BY: Delhi Disaster Management Authority

As per the directions of the Directorate of Education, Zone 28 and the instructions by Delhi Disaster Management Authority, an earthquake evacuation drill was conducted in all the public and government schools of Zone 28 on Friday, April 4, 2014 at 11 a.m. G.D. Salwan Public School was also a part of this programme and an Evacuation Drill was carried out at the same time in the school.

It was instructed that the school should be evacuated within three minutes of raising the alarm bell. The students are regularly updated about it.  As soon as the alarm bell rand, the students took proper measures and the entire school was evacuated in 2 min. 38 sec.

The drill was carried out smoothly without any obstruction and the students and the staff member assembled in the ground. The teachers ensured there was no students left in the school building. The class teachers took the attendance to ensure all the students had reached the ground.  

Inspectors from the Fire Department of Rajendra Nagar had been kind enough to come to school ad instruct the students and witness the drill.

The report in the prescribed format was submitted to them as well as a copy of it is delivered at Zone 28.








Navya Babbar and Umama Akif  of class VI received the Certificate of Achievement and won Bronze medal on 6th of April, 2014 for the project “Reaching out to senior citizens”, in the ‘Pramerica spirit of Community Awards, at Ritz Hotel, Nehru Place.  Diya Mirza, celebrity, was the Chief Guest for the occasion and presented the awards to the winners.