Montessori Activities:

Dustbin Race: To inculcate the habit of using the dustbin and keeping the surroundings clean, the nursery classes conducted the ‘Dustbin race’, an outdoor activity which the children enjoyed a lot, picking up paper and putting it in the dustbin followed by the rhyme recitation Bits of paper was done.

Red Colour Day
: For the recognition of the Primary Colour Red – ‘Red Colour Day ‘ was held. Children of the nursery department were involved in a’ Red Colour Day’ activity observing red objects/colour in the environment followed by different art/craft activities.

Primary Activities:

Photo frame Making (KG): Family photo frames were made by KG students. The concepts of family bonding, loving, caring and sharing were strengthened through this activity. Each child was happy to make their photo frames on their own.

Inter-House Regional Dance Competition was held on 30th April where all the four houses competed with each other with great enthusiasm. Out of the various regional dances of India the houses mainly were focused on Dandiya, Kalbeliya, Bhangra and Maharashtrian dance. Each house prepared 6-8 students for showing their best of the performances. The judges appreciated this initiative at the primary school level as this not only instill the spirit of unity in diversity but also help the student to develop a taste towards classical dance too.The houses were judged on various parameters viz. expression, props, co-ordination, etc. Avni house scored the first position followed by Ambar. Achal House and Anal House secured third and fourth position respectively.

Inter-Class Poem Recitation Competition was held on 30 April on the theme of Environment. Classes I-V prepared for the competition with enthusiam. They also got sensitized towards the concern of environment. The various aspects of environment like recycling, reducing, conservation were the topics taken in the poems. The poems were judged on various parameters like diction, co-ordination, content etc. Class V-B bagged the first prize followed by III A and III B.

Senior Activities :

Earth Day : Earth day was celebrated on the 30th of April in the school grounds. The students from the all classes participated in various programs organized by the school. the assembly for the earth day was marked by a special prayer to the almighty ,a pledge to conserve the resources of our mother earth, a talk on the sensitive topic of sustainable growth, and competitions at different levels on the them Earth day.

Visit to Dargah of Hazrat Nizammudin : The students of Heritage club went on a Heritage walk along with Ms Navina Jafa and The Programme Coordinator Ms. Seema Goyal to Dargah of Hazrat Nizammudin on 28th April 2012 which covered Chaunsath-Khamba , Ghalib's Tomb , Jama'at- Khana Masjid, Tomb of Jahanara, Amir Khusrau's Tomb, Baoli and various places within the central complex.

The Complex of the Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin presents a dynamic flow of cultural traditions around built heritage. The walk imparted an introduction on Sufism and created in us an understanding of the Sufi landscape that emanated from the energy of the city saint – Hazarat Nizamuddin that reached out to various Mughal nobility, kings, queens, medieval historians such as Barani. We also got the chance to interview Khawaja Hasan Nizami Sami the Chief Head of the Dargah. We were also told about the role of various functionaries associated with a Sufi Center and poignant anecdotes on the power of the Sufis of the Dargah as well as festivities and changing environment of the Nizamuddin Basti. 

The shrines of Qutub ud din Bakhtiyar kaki in Mehrauli, Nizamuddin Auliya’s in Nizamuddin and Nasir-ud-din Chirag e Dilli in Chirag Dilli , represent a cultural continuity of nearly 800 years.

Promotional Drive By INTACH On Delhi Being Declared A WORLD HERITAGE CITY : A Promotional drive by INTACH was conducted on 16th April 2012 during the assembly to inculcate a sense of pride and ownership in the children. The resource person explained the importance of why it was important for Delhi to be declared as a WORLD HERITAGE CITY by UNESCO.

Visit to TERI: An extremely productive and exciting visit of TERI- ‘The Energy And Research Institute’ was organized on 24.4.12 and 25.4.12 for the students of class X.Firstly, a movie on RETREAT complex was shown which made children aware that the future energy scenario of most countries in the world rest on a major shift to renewable sources of energy. Then they were made to visit various sections of the institute like Biomass gasifier, Tissue culture laboratory, AC underground tunnel, Vermicomposting and RETREAT complex to name a few. They were amazed to see the cleaning of water by the action of plants called phragmites. Children realized that Sustainable development cannot be achieved only through government policies. It requires coordinated action by all sections of society and all stakeholders. Also critical would be the need, for instance, to ensure design of buildings and structures in a manner that utilizes energy efficiently.

Inter-House Skit Competition: The senior school conducted an inter-house skit competition. The theme was “Think Green Act Green”. Each house sent a team which participated in a 5-7 minute skit, which was judged on the various parameters.

For fair judgment 2judges from outside were invited.

The results were announced later in the assembly.


Position 1: Achal house
Position 2: Avni house
Position 3: Anal house
Position 4: Ambar house

Nature Expedition at Navdanya: Students of GD Salwan Public School , Rajinder Nagar , visited a NGO called Navdanya on 20th April 2012 . This NGO is situated in a village area in Dehradun in Uttarakhand . They all had a very fascinating experience at Navdanya. The main purpose of the visit was celebration of Earth Day on 22nd April, 2012 and making a declaration on Rights of Mother Earth regarding Living Culture, Living Economy and Living Democracy. 

Students came to know many interesting facts about the NGO. It is built on approximately 25 acres land. A major portion of this land has been used for farming, particularly mixed cropping. The people working there informed the students about various species of medicinal plants present there and the various methods they had employed for the cultivation of various kinds of crops.

Children were fascinated to know that such a large area was irrigated by just a single well of 90-100 feet. They saw how judiciously the villagers made the use of resources available to them. The students also attended a workshop on ‘Living Democracy’ in which they discussed about some rights and ways through which animals, plants and human beings can live democratically on this earth by respecting each other’s existence.

The celebrations of Earth Day continued and students shared their experiences of various workshops on puppetry, theatre, creative writing etc. After this, we gave a presentation on ‘Biodiversity and Health’ . Dr. Vandana Shiva was the Chief Guest of the evening who is also a member of Rio +20 summit to be held in the month of June. It was overall a great learning experience .

Exhibition on project SEARCH by TERI: Children have gone to participate in an exhibition on project SEARCH by TERI on 20th April 2012 at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Center. Bakshish Singh of class IX has been awarded the Second Prize fro creating artwork made from recyclables on the theme " Environment Protection". The competition was organized by Teri and Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd. as part of project SEARCH.