APRIL 2013

Visit to Science Express - Biodiversity Special

The students of G.D. Salwan Public School from classes VI,VII and X, along with Ms. Rashmi Khurana – Science faculty - visited the ‘Science Express - Biodiversity Special’ on 12th April, 2013. It was an innovative and unique mobile exhibition mounted on a specially designed 16 coach AC train. The state-of-the-art exhibition, aboard the SEBS, aims to create awareness about the biodiversity of India, climate change and similar issues among students, teachers and the general public. Students learnt about a variety of flora and fauna available in biodiversity of varied Indian climatic zones and got sensitized towards their environment and its maintenance.





Students of G.D. Salwan Public School attended a launch ceremony programme of Project SEARCH organized by TERI on 16th April 2013 for the opening of Phase V at India Habitat Centre. The programme was attended by Ms. Alka Bhatia , Ms. Shweta Malhotra and 15 students. The ceremony commenced with the welcome of guests, principals, teachers and students of different schools. Ms. Supriya Singh, the programme coordinator briefed the august gathering about the achievements of TERI in the past 4 years - how the students who are involved in the project have become sensitized and are the leaders of tomorrow. Further, it was told that the Launch of the 5th phase is based on sustainability not only in waste but other spheres also. Different dances were performed by various school children based on the theme 'Protecting our Mother Earth'. There were many experiences shared by the most eminent personalities like Sir Robert Swan, Mr. Kandarp Singh (Managing Director of TERI) and Principals of different schools. The experiences shared by the eminent persons were very inspiring and encouraging as they made the audience aware and realize how important the Project is for our Mother Earth.


Your Cartons My Classroom: A Public Campaign - DLF PLACE, SAKET

The campaign on ‘Your Cartons My Classroom’ was an effort by TERI, Project SEARCH, Times of India, towards providing infrastructure to underprivileged schools in India. The programme was held at DLF Place, Saket on 20th April, 2013. The campaign urged the people to donate empty Tetra Pack cartons so that they could be recycled into desks, benches, roofing sheets and other useful infrastructural tools that would add meaning to the school experience of thousands of children in India.

TERI and Tetra Pack (Project SEARCH) were supported by Times of India in promotion of this noble cause.

Honorable Minister for Education, Ms. Kiran Walia, was the chief guest for the occasion. She encouraged and praised the school to be a part of this noble initiative. This was followed by an address by the Chairman of Project SEARCH, Mr. Jaideep who endorsed the act of donating Tetra Pack cartons as a step towards waste management. The Director of TERI, Ms. Ranjana, thanked the teachers and the students for their participation in this noble venture. There were enthralling dance performances by various schools, which were based on the theme "Joy of Giving".
A big carton was created by the side of the stage for all to drop their empty tetra packs. Apart from this there were stalls holding activities. Prized were given to the students to motivate them. The students also participated in the signature campaign.

GDSPS has been quite active towards collection of empty tetra packs and is associated with Project SEARCH. It is further suggested that big cartons could be placed in the market area to encourage people to drop their tetra packs. In addition to it timely street plays would be organized.

Training Seminar of selected leaders of UNESCO Clubs and 13th Biennial Conference of CUCAI

Ms. Pratima Chawla and Ms. Rashmi Khurana attended the 13th biennial Conference of Confederation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations of India (CUCAI) organized with Dr. Mohan Singh Mehta Memorial Trust from 25th April, 2013 to 28th April, 2013. Ad SP ACB Prasanna Khamesra graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, at Nehru Hostel, Udaipur. The Conference was organized by the General Secretary of CUCAI - Mr. Dhirendra Bhatnagar.

National General Secretary of UNESCO Clubs Dhirendra Bhatnagar, President of Saral Blood Bank CA Shyam Singhvi, President of Mohan Singh Mehta Memorial Trust Vijay S. Mehta, Working President of UNESCO Clubs Shyam Banwari, Trust Secretary Nand Kishore and other eminent personalities associated with the clubs were present on the occasion.

The summit had the participation of about 100 representatives from various UNESCO Clubs who discussed social and environmental issues and the need for participation of youngsters in developing the nation.
During the course of the training session, various issues like Importance of Human Rights Education, Role of Voluntary Organizations in Educational Development, Significance of each element of Biodiversity, need of a break from conservative thoughts, Contribution of common man in water conservation and gender equality were extensively discussed.

Year 2013 is declared as “The Year of Water Co-operation” by UNESCO.

On the closing day of the seminar, various clubs presented the reports of the activities conducted by them during the past year. Taking this opportunity a brief report of the services done by G.D. Salwan Public School was also presented.  



To convince the generation next, to act now for the planet and for the awareness of environment which is the need of the hour, an Earth Day Carnival was organised on 26th April, 2013 to celebrate Earth day Hon'ble Chief Minister's Residence. The mega event was organized by the Department Of Environment, Govt. Of N.C.T. Of Delhi in Association with WWF-India, in which more than 100 schools participated. Various competitions were held, which included school music group performance, storytelling session, animal mask painting, newspaper habitat game, animal bingo, mini film festival and earth day poster making activity. 

The main attraction of the event was the decoration which was done with the items made only of waste material and plastic bottles. Other activities such as puppet shows and traditional bioscope show were also held. The students participated with great enthusiasm and zeal. The posters made by our students were appreciated by one and all. In the end each student was given an earth day kit and posters were given for the schools. 

The event has taught children to make the best use out of waste material and make beautiful decoration items. They are sensitized towards the planet Mother Earth and its environmental issues.



GDSPS participated in PROJECT SEARCH "LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME FOR SAVING ENVIRONMENT" at Swapangandha Valley, Chorla Ghats organized by TERI, Project SEARCH and Tetra Pak from 30th April- 3rd May 2013. Ms. Alka Bhatia, and Divyank Sachdeva ( XI) were among 60 students and 12 teachers with different languages, cultures and traditions, but one very strong belief in common "Working Towards Environment", from different parts of India were brought under one roof. They were made to partake and blend in the realm of picturesque Goa- Karnataka Western Ghats, towards the cause of environment through leadership programme for students.